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June 16th, 2012


Glasgow, here we come......

Sooooo, I think it's time for a fangirl moment again..... :)

We booked tickets for panto..... in Glasgow..... with John Barrowman.... I'm very very over-excited right now..... :)

I always wanted to go to Glasgow, but I didn't manage yet. Even with John playing in panto the last two years there, but this year it will happen. Well actually early next year, since we are going to the last few shows. I am so looking forward to it already. :)

The show will be Jack and the Beanstalks and I just googled what the general panto-story line is.

The History of Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk is an English fairy tale. The origin is unknown.

The Story of Jack And The Beanstalk

A boy named Jack is sent to market by his mother to sell the cow. As Jack was on his way, he met a stranger who offered to trade five magic beans for the cow. Jack accepted and returned home with the beans. His mother was angry that he had not obeyed her instructions. She threw the beans out of the window. As Jack slept, the beans germinated and a gigantic beanstalk grew in their place by morning. When he woke, Jack decided to climb it. He arrived in a land high up in the clouds that was home to a giant. He broke into the giant’s castle. The Giant sensed him but Jack escaped with a bag of gold coins. He visited again and stole a hen which laid golden eggs. When Jack climbed the beanstalk a third time, he stole a magical harp that played by itself. The harp called the Giant for help. The Giant chased Jack down the beanstalk but Jack chopped the beanstalk down and the giant fell to the ground. That was the end of the Giant and the beanstalk.

Main Characters in Jack And The Beanstalk

is the main character.

The Dame
is an old hag!

The Comic
is usually Jack’s brother.

The Cow
is usually called Daisy.

The Principal Girl
is sometimes called Jill.

The Squire
is sometimes a Baron or a King.

The King
has no traditional name.

The Fairy
often known as the vegetable fairy.

The Giant
who lives at the top of the Beanstalk.

The Giant's Henchman
is sometimes played by a witch type character.